Business Credentials Verified Seal Selection

Convert cautious buyers into sales and substantially increase your revenue by securing your customers in the knowledge that your business credentials have been third party verified.

The Internet is a truly vast place wherein the success of your website is dependent on the trust of its visitors. In fact a recent Consumer Reports Survey has shown that 95% of website visitors need access to a website’s telephone, email and street address before they consider parting ways with their money. The Transaction Guard Business Verified Seal assures your visitors that you really are who you say you are, that you are safe to do business with and that you can be contacted easily should the need ever arise.

Put yourself in the shoes of your visitors. What reason do they have to trust your website?

With many online businesses competing for the very same dollar you need something to definitely separate your website from the crowd if you are to succeed; something to provide…

  • Proof that you have been third party verified
  • Proof that your business’ location & telephone are valid
  • Proof that your business is in good standing

Crucially, the Transaction Guard Business Verification Seal lets all your potential clients know that a third party has verified the absolute legitimacy of your website and business operations. It will reassure your visitors that it is 100% safe to open their wallet and do business with you, versus other sites who without such verification have the potential to be risky fly-by-night operations; there to sell but never around to help and support later.

The trust the Transaction Guard’s Business Credentials Verified Seal builds with your website’s visitors will increase your sales and give your site the credibility that it needs to make your visitors feel safe when offering you their financial information.

So how does the Business Verification Seal work?

With the order for your seal placed, we will contact you and request information, conformant to Transaction Guard’s high standards, to prove that you are indeed who you say you are on your site. If you are a business, we will also require further evidence that you are in good standing with the state or country you are registered in, as well as further information to prove that your listed address is legitimate.

With the increase of online fraud and with customers feeling increasingly hesitant about entering their credit card information on web sites, you need to assure visitors to your site that you are safe to do business with. The best way to do this is with the Transaction Guard Business Verification Seal.

Price: US$9.95 per month or US$97.00 per year

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