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Are you a software publisher? Let your websites visitors know that your software is 100% safe and free from spyware, adware, malware, viruses and Trojans.

With the amount of unsafe software in circulation reaching all time highs, malicious software has come to be loathed by everybody; it is a source of a great deal of Internet mistrust. Invasive to the privacy of your visitors and harmful to their prized computer equipment, any software that contains adware, spyware or viruses means a significant inconvenience; avoiding malicious software is very high on your visitors’ list of priorities. Your success as a software vendor depends on your visitors knowing that any software downloads you offer from your website can be trusted as completely safe to install and use.

  • Rigorous 20-point safety checks performed on all Windows (up to Windows 7) and Mac (OS X and iOS) software
  • 72 hour turn-around from submission to report on each piece of software
  • Unparalleled scrutiny means solid End-User freedom and security

Transaction Guard offers its Trusted Download Seal to ensure that your visitors can make informed decisions about the software they download, knowing that any downloadable applications that you offer are trusted to industry-leading standards and have been verified to be free of any and all malicious software. Transaction Guard performs rigorous, internal, 20-point safety checks on each version of each piece of software you submit within a 72-hour turn-around schedule. Reports confirming your software is safe and completely free of malware, adware, spyware, Trojans and viruses are hosted by Transaction Guard are available for viewing online by your visitors 24/7, along with an up-to-500-word product description as well as a link back to the homepage of your website or blog.

The Transaction Guard Trusted Download Seal protects your brand, advertises your professionalism and dedication to your customers’ security and ultimately shows that the software you offer is safe to install, use and enjoy.

Never initiate a download of any free software from the Internet without first checking for the Transaction Guard Trusted Download Seal!

Price: US$9.95 per month or US$97.00 per year

Trusted Safe Download Seal