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Show your prospective customers that your privacy practices have been thoroughly examined and that the personal information they share with you is 100% secure.

Consumer metric studies show again and again that your clients and customers need constant reassurance that the online operations of your business are wholly secure and that all their personal information, or indeed any identifiable data that is collected via your website, is protected beyond all doubt.

Where you see the Transaction Guard Privacy Verified Seal you can be sure that all your personally identifiable information is only in the very safest of hands.

Full Custom Privacy Policy delivered with every Privacy Seal

The Transaction Guard Privacy Policy and Privacy Seal are essential additions to your website and serve to satisfy your customers’ constant need for privacy and security. It is here that you tell your visitors about some or all of the ways that you gather, use, share and protect your customer’s data. It’s all about being up-front and fair. A Privacy Policy tells your visitors: “This is what information I collect and why; this is how I keep it safe and you have my word that I will not give or show your information to any third party for any reason.”

You need the Transaction Guard Privacy Policy and Privacy Seal:

  • Where you wish to increase trust in your name and brand through increased transparency
  • Where you sell any kind of product online
  • Where you want to show your absolute devotion to the security concerns of your website visitors

Transaction Guard online security experts will craft a faithful Privacy Policy for your website while thoroughly evaluating and examining your privacy practices of your website to confirm their validity and professionalism, to suggest changes and improvements, to confirm why you need the information you collect via your website, how you are going to use it and how you are going to keep it private and safe.

Transaction Guard understands the importance of a well crafted Privacy Policy and its importance to the trust your customers place in you when they purchase your products or services. It inclusion on your website means increased revenue, increased numbers of repeat customers as well as greater customer to customer referral of your website.

The Transaction Guard Privacy Policy and Privacy Seals ultimately mean greater prosperity for your online business. They are a powerful way to promote your professionalism and dedication to your clients’ privacy and security needs and will encourage your customers to increasingly shop with you, secure in the knowledge that your business’ privacy practices have been verified and are trusted by the industries top security experts.

Price: US$9.95 per month or US$97.00 per year

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