Free Fraud Scanning Service

Online fraud is on the rise; only increasing and getting bigger. If you are a business selling products over the internet you need the Transaction Guard Fraud Scanner to keep out fraud and to keep your hard-earned revenue safe.

Hundreds of billions of dollars exchange hands between consumers and retailers via the Internet every year and up to 20% of these can be accounted for in fraudulent transactions. Cloned, fake or stolen credit cards conspire to mean around $60bn is lifted from customers fraudulently and used to pay for the products and services of well-meaning online retailers. Unfortunately there is no sign of this worldwide trend decreasing or slowing; for the retailer, the nightmare which begins when a customer notices that money has been taken from them fraudulently has little chance of a happy ending. As charge-backs are filed, those that suffer from the fraudulent activities most are the companies who, through no fault of their own, received money from unscrupulous individuals using fake or stolen credit cards. For the small business there is no safe-haven to turn to … Nothing to do but count their losses.

  • Reduce Charge-backs by up to 80%
  • Real-time Algorithmic Fraud Scanning
  • Real-time reports on every transaction
  • Global Geo-IP Tracking Database

It is the small online businesses of the world, those that may be just like yours, that are hit worst by online fraud and remain at the mercy of the charge-backs they are presented with and are unable to fight. In the case of credit card fraud, small businesses are left completely out-of-pocket for a service that they have already delivered or provided.

Everything you Need to Stay Free of Fraud

The Transaction Guard Fraud Scanner is available to you, completely free of charge, to stop precisely this happening. The Transaction Guard Fraud Scanner will provide you detailed reports and statistics to show you many crucial aspects of each and every transaction: Where did the transaction originate? From which IP? Is this in the same country as the credit card is registered? Is there an Address Verification System (AVS) match on the billing address of the credit card? – What address and Zip Code is this coming from? What is the distance between you and the individual using the credit card? Put simply, if Dorothy Higgins, a resident of Oklahoma, suddenly purchases a product from Lagos, Nigeria, you will know about it instantly and can choose to decline and refund the transaction or request further evidence that she is there on holiday in possession of her credit card. In the best case, Mrs. Higgins has lost no money and you have not provided a service that, in the worst case, would have gone completely unpaid for.

The Transaction Guard Fraud Scanner is a global one-of-a-kind. A free service that provides you with all the tools you need to stay free from fraud and to circumnavigate the charge-backs that will, at the end of the day, end up costing you money. It can be used in connection with any payment gateway (including PayPal, 2CO etc.), with all shopping carts and in any situation.

  • Very easy to install and use.
  • Use with any payment gateway, with all shopping-carts and in any situation
  • Marks an end to your loss of revenue due to charge-backs as a result of online fraud

The Transaction Guard Fraud Scanner is at the disposal of your business. Never accept another order from your website without first using the Transaction Guard Fraud Scanner to verify its absolute legitimacy.

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